Amenities Agreement Draft

«The sellers also confirm that they will pay the balance of the January 15 agreement between the sellers and the developers and that the takers are inunzulated by the takers against such a payment by the takers to the Devlopers.» If the purchase is a registered sales agreement that includes the approval contract in the total cost, the costs are recorded in 70 lakhs. Capital gains would be like what you said, that is, only 1 Lakh, but if that were not actually included, then the capital gains would be 16 lakhs. Here, for the saving of his tax, he plans to make a convenience agreement (between investor and developer/builder) for 15 lakes, and also add the clause below in my agreement. ITAT Mumbai in the above case found that the cost of acquiring the home includes the cost of the accommodation, even though the agreement that requires the buyer to pay these fees is not recorded and no stamp duty is paid on the fees. I`m in the process of buying into the apartment construction of the investor who buys this developer/builder apartment for 45Lacs (agree cost) in Jan-15 (stamp duty also paid by him) Ask expert pls advice, as today I contacted a tax advisor that if I sold that flat at 70lacs as my capital gain would be 16 lakes are not connected in . Please log in to post replies Click here on Login / Sign up Now Investor sells his apartment for 70 Lakes (fee agree) to me, which means that the investor for the payment of capital gains taxes of Rs 25Lacs (as it was sold within 2 years) I have already visited the tax consultants who told me that there was no impact on my flat cost, but I still need expert advice, Pls Help told you the cost of acquisitions like Rs . 18.39.397/- (before indexation) . The detailed separation of the same as under: 1. Is this amenities agreement will reduce my flat cost to 55 Lakes (71-15) 2. If I sell this apartment for 71 lakes next year, that is my capital gain: 1Lacs (i.e. 71-70) or 16 lakes (i.e.

71 – 55).

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