Leap Day Agreement 2012

HU: On December 18, 2011, Jean Lee broke the story of the deal. It has been said that the United States is ready to announce significant food aid to North Korea. A north Korea agreement to suspend its controversial uranium enrichment program is likely to follow. Then, the next day… Faced with the threat of failure of the Leap Day agreement, some critics accuse the Obama administration of being willing to negotiate in good faith rather than criticizing Pyongyang for breaking the faith. Aeration in the administration is misplaced. It also ignores the fact that Pyongyang strengthens the U.S. hand every time it denies its word, making it easier to secure international support for tougher measures against the DPRK. The Obama administration is right that the agreement is «important, albeit limited,» but it is the first positive development of the North Korean program in four years. There is no doubt that Republicans will be bound to the transparency of the agreement and the absence of dismantling of offensive nuclear facilities. Questions are also raised as to who will benefit from the 240,000 tonnes of food aid, the most controversial element of the package. Three important questions on the question of satellites require answers.

What was behind the announcement of the satellite launch? When and why did the DPRK decide to hold the launch? And why did the North Koreans think it would not undermine the February 29 agreement? Other analysts said the deal would allow Mr. Kim to demonstrate his command and use his first months in office to improve people`s lives after years of food shortages and devastating famine. «It helps him show his people that he is a leader who can deal with the Americans and bring some practical benefits, namely food aid,» said Kim Yong-hyun, an analyst at Seoul`s Dongguk University. While caution prevailed in Washington, some saw the deal as hopeful just weeks after the tenure of young North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. The Obama administration had already heard similar statements from its North Korean counterparts and had already issued a clear warning to the DPRK. The warning contained concrete statements that a launch would be contrary to the agreements of the United States and the DPRK, which ultimately resulted in the leap day agreement.

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