Legal Practice Act Fee Agreement

(10) Unless otherwise provisions in this section are provided for, the practice and procedure for appointing an individual, the performance of a review and the certification and restitution of the appointment in accordance with this section are, as far as possible, the same as the practice and procedure governing similar issues in civil proceedings before the Supreme Court. 16 (1) This section refers to the governing body of the legal profession in another province or territory of Canada. 3. The provisions of subsection 2 apply only to conditional royalty agreements concluded after the rules come into force and, if these rules are changed, the amendments apply only to potential royalty agreements concluded after the amendments come into force. 2. The corporation or the Foundation must, if necessary, compensate a person in paragraph 1 for any costs or expenses incurred by the person in a legal proceeding for something that is done in good faith or is not done in good faith, while acting on behalf of the corporation or foundation under this Act. 4. An agreement under this section may be signed by an authorized lawyer or law firm or law firm on behalf of a lawyer or law firm. Agent, who`s a lawyer. 5.

In the event of the cancellation of a conditional royalty agreement under paragraph 4, counsel may charge the fees that could have been collected in the absence of a conditional royalty agreement, but only if the event that would have allowed payment under the null agreement occurs. 3. Without limiting the court`s assessment of issuing an order under the subsection (2), there are reasonable grounds to appoint a director of a law firm where (b) the lawyer cannot authorize the imposition of conditions or restrictions on the practice of counsel until counsel has been informed of the reasons for the proposal and an appropriate opportunity has been given to provide assurances in accordance with those reasons. (a) to allow a person with professional qualifications acquired in a country other than Canada to pursue legal studies in British Columbia; «agreement,» a written contract that takes into account fees, taxes and payments to a lawyer or law firm for services provided or provided, and includes a conditional royalty agreement; 2. A partnership consisting of legal entities or one or more lawyers and one or more legal societies is empowered to provide legal services to the public by one or more persons described in the subsection (1). (a) suspend an interviewee, who is an individual, if the respondent`s continued practice is dangerous to the public or to the respondent`s clients; (a) In Part 2, Section 1, a member of the governing body of the legal profession of another Canadian province or territory entitled to practice law in that province or territory (10) The Company may enter into agreements with canada Deposit Insurance Corporation and Credit Union Deposit Insurance Corporation of British Columbia that respect the repayment or compensation of capital companies paid under subsection 8. (e) assist and assist lawyers, students and lawyers in other jurisdictions authorized to exercise their law in British Columbia in carrying out their duties. (l) approval of something in the sense of d) when the agreement is entered into as part of a prepaid service plan or other liability insurance program; 5. A lawyer may apply to the court for permission for a conditional royalty agreement for services related to a marital dispute, and section 66 (7) to (9) applies. 65 (1) A lawyer or law firm may enter into an agreement with any other person that requires payment of benefits provided by the law firm.

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