Melin Homes Tenancy Agreement

In principle, your rental agreement stipulates that you must pay your rent on time, do not annoy your neighbours and take care of the property in which you live, for example not to neglect or damage it. Your home will be safe, safe and warm. We leave all our homes in a particular condition, and we call it our rental standard. This document explains in detail what we will do for you before you move in and what the condition of your home will look like. The day you move in, we will ask you to sign it so that we can agree on how you are at home. What happens if there is property damage? The property must be returned to us in an appropriate condition to allow the nearest occupant to move in. The maintenance manager will discuss all points that require attention during the conclusion of the rental visit. You can be charged if the damage is determined that your mistake is made. It is important to talk to us and check if you have the right to have an animal before moving in. It depends on a number of factors, including the type of house you have with us, your lease and the type of animal it is. The support of our local communities is very important to us and to the companies we work with.

Thanks to our staff and Morris`s of Usk – Morris`s of Usk Garden Centre and Farm Shop, we were able to redevelop the staff room at Cwmbran High Please read the full story on our website Yes, they do. If you want to do more important work such as replacing your kitchen, you should let us know. All requests to implement these major improvements must be submitted in writing either by letter or email. Don`t do work on your home without us saying it`s okay to start. Any work done without our permission may be considered a violation of your rental agreement and ask us to take appropriate action. We approve requests on a case-by-case basis, but here is a list of repairs that we usually allow: we need you to maintain the lease you signed, so be sure to read it. One of the most important things we ask of you is to take care of your home. We need you to pay your rent on time and if we have an appointment to visit you, maybe to do some repairs, please make sure you are there to let us in. No no. We do not hold spare keys for residents` homes. If you have lost the key or locked yourself in, you should contact a locksmith to have your locks changed.

We can replace the municipal keys, but there may be a tax. If you wish to terminate your lease, you must terminate us for four weeks. Notification starts on The Monday after we receive your request, for example, if we receive your letter on Tuesday, your message would be four weeks from the following Monday. Please let us know if you wish to terminate your lease via the contact form on the right. Once you have informed us that you wish to terminate your rental agreement, we will arrange one of our accommodation and maintenance agents. We do this so that you have the opportunity to ask questions about your move. Your lease is a legal document that we both signed that says what we will do as an owner and what you need to make one of our residents. It also tells you how we can end it together. If you have something to check, you can click here to see it. It will be called either a starter, Assured or Insurance Shorthold rent. Your lease is a legal contract.

It explains your rights and obligations as a tenant and our rights and obligations as your landlord. You may lose your home if you, or a member of the household or visitors to your home, break the terms of your lease. Read your full report on our website We are very proud to bring these affordable rural homes to the city of Brecon and hope that all new residents will move in.

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