Effect Of Entering Into An Agreement With A Minor

8) No insolvency: due to the inability of the minor to incur debts and taxes on the minor`s personal property, he is not personally liable, which makes him insolvent It is very clear that an agreement with a minor in India is void from the beginning. A minor is usually responsible for an unlawful act, but he cannot be held responsible for what was in reality an offence under the ex delicto complaint. In Manmatha Kumar Saha vs. Exchange Loan Co., it was found that «you cannot turn a contract into an unlawful act for the purpose of pursuing minor actions.» A minor`s agreement is a series of promises or a contractual agreement in which a party is considered minor. Minor was considered incompetent to enter into a contract under the Indian Contract Act of 1872. This is due to the fact that minors are not mature enough to be responsible in legal matters. An agreement to become a contract must be enforceable by law.[1] Therefore, one of the essential conditions of an existing contract, mentioned in the Indian Contracts Act 1872, is that the contracting parties should be responsible for the treaty. The following persons are eligible for the contract: however, if the minor has no property of his own, he cannot be required to reimburse the other person. If you want to make a contract with someone and they want to bring the person to justice if the contract is breached. To be considered a contract, all six elements of the contract must be present.

The first three relate to the contract itself. The following three elements concern the parties concerned. Although a minor`s consent is not valid, his or her guardian may, in certain circumstances, enter into a valid contract on behalf of a minor. If this contract is favourable to a minor, it is a valid contract that the minor can enforce. A guardian may, for example, enter into an enforceable marriage contract for minors. [17] However, not all contracts entered into by guardians on behalf of a minor are valid. For example, the guardian has no power to retain the minor through a real estate purchase contract. Two conditions must be met to make the minor`s estate responsible for the needs (a) The needs made available to the minor should be necessities actually necessary for the assistance of a minor`s life. .

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