Joint Venture Agreement For Hospital

(iv) Physician-Hospital Organization (PHO)A PHO is a legal entity established by a hospital and one or more physicians or groups of physicians to achieve common objectives, including negotiating and obtaining contracts with insurance plans and employers. The IGS serves as a collective bargaining unit and contract. In most PHOs, a payer sends pricing plans to an agent or third party who forwards this schedule to the doctors in the network. Each doctor can decide individually whether or not to accept this scale. PHOs may also own, operate, or subcontract management service plans (MSOs), health plans, or providers, and a PHO may manage risk. It is usually owned and managed jointly by a hospital and physician shareholders. The joint venture with the LHC Group contributes to fulfilling the mission of the University Health Care System by ensuring the long-term sustainability of quality health services and health care in the communities we serve,» said James R. Davis, President and CEO of the University Health Care System. ii) Co-management agreementA co-management agreement involves a contractual agreement between a hospital and a management services company (usually a new company) or a group of individual doctors intended to improve the performance of hospital service lines.

Physicians are committed to providing clinical and management services with specific improvement goals for a predetermined fee. The co-management agreement generally requires the medical group to improve or expand the service line, improve operations and, most importantly, direct the goals of doctors and the hospital towards providing quality healthcare. The agreement also generally requires the involvement of the physician in operational roles such as. B the development of clinical protocols and case management services, the setting of annual budgets and the measurement of physician and staff satisfaction. The LHC Group and its partners offer a level of home healthcare that is recognised throughout the sector for consistent quality. Through cooperation, they improve home health care, facilitate better coordination of health care, and seamlessly move patients from the hospital to the recovery environment.

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