Mackenzie An Agent For Lindsay Signs An Agreement

Where there was once disgust for Keefe, there were now the first signs of respect. In the summer of 2002, Frost became a player agent certified by the NHL Players` Association, but before Keefe showed up in Tampa in the fall of 2000, he «represented» Frost Keefe. How Frost was certified by the NHA was the subject of many presumptions at that time, given his track record and history, but most assumed he insisted on his closeness to Bob Goodenow, the association`s executive director. (In December 2005, when Frost`s toxicity was high in the hockey community — and also, perhaps not by chance, after Goodenow resigned as CEO this summer — «Frost» resigned as an agent.) Frost regularly harassed Lightning management and complained that free agent sign Marty St. Louis was playing more than Keefe for coach John Tortorella. During this time, he circumvented intense media inquisitions, police investigations and a large number of criminal complaints, so that he did not have a criminal record, although he did not perform as well before the court of public opinion. Frost pleaded guilty to assaulting one of his players in 1997, but was conditionally released in court. In 2001, when a photo of a half-naked 13-year-old child, glued to a chair and later claimed he had been abused by Frost when the photo was taken in the summer of 2000, a year-long police investigation failed to result in criminal prosecution after several witnesses, including Keefe, claimed that the boy lied about the context of the events, which led to the photo. With young Calvin Arliss (Charlie Tahan) in his care, Benson claims to be looking for his mother, Vivian (Maria Bello), a drug addict. . . .

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