Youtube Data Processing Agreement

The following data protection information is used to inform you about the processing of personal data in connection with the YouTube channel «goetzpartners». 5.1.1 Responsibilities of the Processor and the Controller. Where European data protection legislation applies to the processing of customers` personal data: This section applies to users who provide content for the Service. It defines the scope of permissions you grant when uploading your content and includes your consent not to upload anything that violates the rights of others. Important updates: Infrastructure. Google manages geographically dispersed data centers. Google stores all production data in physically secure data centers. goetzpartners does not process any personal data in connection with the YouTube channel «goetzpartners» and is therefore of course not able to transmit this data to other recipients. On-premises data center security operation. Google`s data centers maintain an on-premises security operation that is responsible for all security features of the physical data center 24/7. On-site security personnel monitor closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras and all alarm systems.

On-site security personnel regularly conduct internal and external patrols of the data center. 9.2.2 Support for Google data requests. Google will assist Customer (taking into account the nature of the processing of Customer`s personal data) to fulfill its obligations under Chapter III of the GDPR to respond to requests to exercise the rights of the data subject by: The YouTube channel «goetzpartners» and the associated processing of personal data have the following purposes: For other rights vis-à-vis YouTube (in particular the right to: to object to the processing of certain data by YouTube or to a declaration of consent to YouTube), see Google`s privacy policy under Before onboarding sub-processors, Google conducts an audit of the sub-processors` security and privacy practices to ensure that sub-processors provide an appropriate level of security and confidentiality for their access to data and the scope of services they provide. Once Google has assessed the risks posed by the Sub-Processor, the Sub-Processor is required to enter into appropriate contractual terms of security, privacy and data protection, subject to the requirements described in Section 11.3 (Requirements for the Involvement of Sub-Processors) of these Terms. . . .

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